Sunday, March 9, 2014

Young Supporter from VA on the Move 9

It’s hard to express the individual beauties and personality of those who comprise a group. Though they are unified in belief and struggle, each one of them: Eddie, Janine, Janet, Mike, Chuck, Delbert, Phil, Debbie, and Merle have distinct personalities, interests, and endearing traits. Phil has the personality of an inspirational speaker; high energy, bright smile, quick speech, and resilience. He is a beautiful painter and his letters are always filled with sage advice. Delbert is calm and considered, but can be firm and direct at a moment’s notice. He has a subtle sense of humor and a great laugh. Eddie can light up a room just by entering. He has the presence and strut of a Motown singer, the concern of the best minister, and an incredible humility. Debbie has a bright smile, a great laugh, and a wise, confident vibe. Seeing her give her grandchildren piggyback rides in the prison visiting room was both heart breaking and beautiful. Mike has a calm, reserved manner, and seems to be taking in everything around him. He is deliberate with his speech and considerate. Janet has the energy of a gymnast and is passionate in conversing about so many things. She is the type of person you feel you can talk to about anything. Janine is kind, funny, and serious all at the same time. She listens patiently and is so thoughtful in her advice. Chuck is witty, sharp, and fiery. Chuck intimidated the hell out of me the first time I met him. Coming from a white, suburban background I mistook his passion and protectiveness for something else. Chuck loves to debate about history, music, pretty much anything. I have great regrets that I never had the chance to meet Merle. I've heard she was amazing. The fact that she died in prison serving an unjust sentence is a tragedy. One way to try to rectify the injustice of Merle dying in prison is to work for the release of her brothers and sisters. It's heartbreaking to think about how long this injustice has persisted. Their fate rests firmly on the decisions of the Pennsylvania parole board.

Please join in to add to the pressure to release the MOVE 9. These are truly amazing, kind-hearted people that deserve to be free!

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