Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Love You Merle, You Will Live Forever

This is an article dedicated to Merle Africa written by the Move family in 1998

Today Marks 16 years since Merle Africa died under mysterious circumstances in The State Correctional Institution in Cambridge Springs PA. Let's celebrate the life of Merle by picking up the work to fight this rotten ass system.

Merle Africa a revolutionary solider who was killed by this murderous ass reform world system. On March 13th 1998, Merle Africa was forced to die at the hands of this government, punished for a crime she didn't commit, the accusation of murder of a cop on Aug, 8th 1978, yet this system literally kills people everyday and gets away with it. On May 13th 1985, this system's politicians, headed by Wilson Goode murdered 11 of our innocent family members, 5 of them children and ain't a one of them murderous cantankerous misfits were even charged with 11 counts of murder let alone punished for it. Merle, as all innocent Move people, knows the love of life and the protection that comes with it.

Yeah, Merle sweetie, this is your family and we love you. We love the way you stayed true to your belief and we love how you kept our administrative work intact. We could always depend on you to have what ever data we needed. We will always see your rosy red cheeks with that beautiful smile, always hear your hardy rich laugh. Merle the mother figure to the young girls who came in and out of the dungeons of hell called prison. If there was a physical spat, Merle was someone to be reckoned with. She could defiantly demonstrate the power of protection, the strength given to her by JOHN AFRICA. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA!  Merle's melodic voice was a treat to hear, a wonderful sound that was appreciated by all who heard it. Hey sweetie, I know you remember those words Merle! A lot of people miss you and love you, and will always love you but be assured that you will never be forgotten. Ya see Merle, you can't forget a part of your body and you are a part of the body of the Move Family. All your brothers and sisters of Move loves you. You are a good solider and a good solider is a good army. Long Live Merle! Stay Strong Sweetie your family.

Ona Move,
The Move Organization

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