Sunday, May 1, 2016

Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa In Solidarity With The Palestinian Struggle

Even though we have been in prison for over 37 years, we have never and will never give up the fight for freedom. Our fight is your fight because we want all of life to be free from the restricting confines of this system that causes so much pain and suffering.

We feel the tide is turning in the right direction every time we see groups of people working together for the common good of all living beings.

The power is in the people and the people have to realize this and use this power to free life, protect life. Life is the force that keep us alive.

Stay strong and we’re doing the same.
Ona Move
Janet, Janine and Debbie Africa - for all the MOVE prisoners


From a series of solidarity statements from US Political Prisoners to the people of Palestine

published in a collection of letters brought to Palestine by a recent prison & labor solidarity delegation. Our colleagues at Birzeit University's Institute for Women's Studies translated the letters into Arabic.

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