Saturday, January 2, 2016

Move 9 Media Month 2016

The first four months of 2016 will prove to be very crucial as we have initiated this new campaign geared toward the May 2016 parole hearings of Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa. This issue with the parole board is one that we will not let go away and one that will be exposed by any means. It doesn't help that the mainstream media won't shed light on the illegal parole denials of the Move 9 and the illegal parole practices of the Pennsylvania Parole Board as they have been seen to consistently aid the Fraternal Order of Police, The Philadelphia District Attorney and other officials over the issue of the Move 9.

It's ok cause one way or another we will get the information out through the media on this issue. We have officially deemed January 2016 as Move 9 Media Month. We are doing 11 radio shows in the month of January that are already confirmed plus more to come this month to expose this issue of the Pennsylvania Parole Board and their illegal parole denials of our family. 

Here is a full listing of some of the January shows we have set if people are interested in hosting us there still is more than enough time to reach us at

Here is the listing:

1/2/16 Pop's Radio - www.popsmovement.net730pm 

1/4/16  Black talk Radio - /black talk radio news Scotty Reid / 4pm 

1/8/16 Wanda Sabir -Http:// pacific time 

1/9/16 nu day resurrection and liberation talk chi 10:30pm

1/10/16  Drew Martin talk 3pm 

1/13/16 George Jackson Radio talk Jackson radio 8pm eastern 

1/18 /16  A Rude Awakening - Pacifica Kpfa 330pm pacific time

1/21/16  Progressive News Hour 89.3fm 

1/21/16 Where we live Show 99.5 Fm  8pm

1/25/16 Ker's Korner Flo Empire 8pm 

1/31/16 Political Prisoner Radio - Blacktalkradio 9pm 

We hope people can listen in.

For more info people can go to 

Move 9 Parole

Justice For The Move 9/ Facebook 

Ona Move