Monday, December 1, 2014

Eddie Africa Denied Parole Enough Is Enough

Ona Move 

We found out Today that for a record seventh time now our Brother Eddie Africa was denied parole by the Pa Parole Board. As usual The Parole Board stated the issue of 
Eddie not showing remorse for a crime that he and other Move Members are innocent of.
They stated the fact that Eddie did not take responsibility for a crime that he and other Move Members are innocent of. At this point the nature of the crime is not the issue because you can look no further than the late Trial Judge Edwin Malmed  who the day 
After giving Move Members 30-100 years in prison stated that he had the faintest idea
Who murdered Officer James Ramp was sending Move Members to prison based on 
The fact that they are Move Members and not for the murder of Officer James Ramp.

This system and it's officials say that it's time for Move People to Move Past The Bombing 
and murder of Move Members on May 13th 1985 but this system and it's parole board has not applied this to August 1978 and the murder of Officer James Ramp which they are using as an excuse to keep committed Move Members in prison. The Parole Board took almost two months to deliver a decision that was already made by The Fraternal Order of Police and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams and dictated to newly appointed Parole Board Chairman Lloyd White a former Police Officer Himself . All of these parties are working together to ensure that The Move 9 remain in prison for life. Even The Warden of SCI Mahanoy where Eddie is at gave him a negative recommendation for parole.

People should be outraged by this people who stood up and fought for all of life to be free are being unjustly imprisoned while the people that killed Michael Brown, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, 11 Move Members from 1985, all walk the street . When do you say Enough is Enough we are fed up and you should be too. We want people to continue calling The Parole Board and continue questioning them about the unjust imprisonment of The Move 9.
The Parole Board can be reached at (717) 772-4343 call these misfits and let your voices be heard about the issue of The Move 9 being held hostage in Pa Prisons.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

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ZionRebirth .Tello said...

I only recently first heard of the situation with MOVE when I saw a documentary about Mumia Abu-Jamal last spring. It annoys me and angers me to think of the utter hypocrisy and animosity that the authorities are showing on the issue.

Pharoahkhari said...

Peace be unto u Move 9 as the ancestors are smiling on their children I agree with u Zion but thats the lies.devil live in this rcist state of fear and hate which this state was founded upon history proves that peace be unto my Family