Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Philadelphia DA is Holding the Move 9 Hostage

For close to one year now we have been focused on exposing the Pennsylvania Parole Board's illegal and unjust parole denials of The Move 9. We have exposed the police and their role in the influence of the parole denials and have also exposed the role of both Randy Feathers and Lloyd White two former police officers who now sit on the Pennsylvania Parole Board and over the parole hearings of The Move 9.

The one aspect that has yet to be exposed until now is that is the role of the Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Since taking office in 2010 Seth Williams for a period of four years 2010-2014 has given negative parole recommendations to the PA Parole Board regarding parole for The Move 9. Seth Williams in fact stated that this would be a blatant disregard for the law if the Move 9 were to be paroled.

First of all, Seth Williams knows nothing about this case he was only eleven years old when the Move 9 were arrested on 8/8/78. On every parole denial of the Move 9 over the past four years, there has been a negative recommendation made by Seth Williams. Seth Williams, like past District Attorney's of Philadelphia Lynn Abraham and Edward Rendell, has only one thing in mind and that's to keep innocent Move people in jail.

This has nothing to do with justice, because if Seth Williams was concerned about justice then these murderous police that walks the streets of Philadelphia murdering Blacks, Latino's, and Poor Whites would be brought to justice. This fool is nothing more than a mere tool being used by this government and the Fraternal Order of Police nothing more than a pawn to keep Move people locked up in prison.

Prison officials who are around Move People on a daily basis have for years now recommended Move people for parole. These are wardens and Counselors that know and have worked with the Move 9 for thirty six years have their recommendation's consistently disregarded by a man who once again was only eleven years old on 8/8/78 when the Move 9 were arrested, and his word is strongly taken into effect.

This is a man who is sending our children Black, Latino, and Poor Whites to prison at an alarming rate and letting brutal and killer cops walk the streets with immunity now has the influence to play a determining factor in these parole hearings.District Attorney's across the country are working side by side with Law Enforcement Officials and Parole Boards to re sentence our Political Prisoners to life in prison.

The Move 9, Herman Bell, Ruchell Magee, Sundiata Acoli have all received negative recommendations from District Attorney's for parole at their respective hearings. Seth Williams went as far as running for District Attorney of Philadelphia on a campaign of having Mumia Abu Jamal executed if he made office. This shows the kind of maniac that we are dealing with and the danger that is in this Legalized Gangster.

Ona Move 



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