Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sample letter for Debbie's Parole

Please either write a parole support letter for Debbie in your own words, or right-click on the sample letter below to download and print.  Just add your name and address in the upper right corner and signature at the bottom.  Even though the letter is addressed to the Parole Board, send your letter to The Move Organization at P.O. Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143 so they can be collected before they are passed on to the Board. 
Please make sure your letter arrives by May 4th.



friscoworker said...

Hello All,
Just posted a letter to Parole Board for Debbie to Philly. Wish all MOVE members the best and brightest of days. Also sent off a letter to California Parole Board for Brother Hugo Pinell who is to have a hearing early next month (now in his 45th year of solitary). I plan to visit him this Sunday at "New" Folsom.
Sorry I'm no in your neck of woods so I could check-in with Brothers Phil and Delbert @Dallas.
Looking forward to seeing Sisters Ramona and Pam along with Sister Lynne Stewart on their swing through Bay Area early next month.

Freedom Now for All Class-War Prisoners & A Socialist World!
Charlie M. from San Francisco

Anonymous said...

#DisbarEricHolder! Your Madam US Attorney General Octavia Obama is at New Hope Housing in VA. Please know she has not forgot.about cases. Erratificate the Lillie Led better Act 2014.