Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Justice and Accountability campaign aimed at exposing the illegal parole denials of the Move 9 at the the hands of the Pennsylvania Parole Board is in full effect. We have now entered the third phase of our campaign in which we push the issue in the media. The police have always used the media to manipulate and use public opinion to help in the parole denials of our political prisoners.
We have seen it in New York City around the parole hearings with political prisoners like Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim. You can look to the example of how the police in New Jersey uses the media to manipulate the minds of the public into thinking that Sundiata Acoli is a cop killer and should not be granted parole. The public is only getting one version of the facts now it’s our turn to counter their lies with the truth.

This Thursday, January 2nd 2014, at 8pm EST we will be kicking off Move 9 media month on The Where We Live Show on WBAI 99.5 fm in New York City. We will be talking about the issue of parole and our political prisoners and the role of law enforcement officials in these parole denials. The show will also feature Move Political Prisoner Janine Africa now in prison for 36 years five years past her parole eligibility.
After this we are starting our month long radio and cable tour on shows across the country.
We are going from New York City to Baltimore, Delaware, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, and back to New York City. These shows will also feature our sister Janine Africa interviewed from prison so that this issue will be further pushed about The Pennsylvania Parole Board and their connection to Law Enforcement officials.
If any one is interested in booking us on their respected radio shows or is interested in doing a piece for a newspaper please contact us at or
Ona Move,
Mona, Anne, Orie

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