Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 1978, We Must Never Forget!

On August 7th, MOVE members, supporters, and activists came out to 11th and Market in memorializing the attacks on the MOVE family in 1978 and rallied together in solidarity for the freedom of the MOVE 9.

On August 8th, 1978, in the wee hours of the morning, over six-hundred hundred police officers attacked MOVE’s house on 309 N. 33rd Street while MOVE members were asleep. After MOVE barricaed themselves for safety in their basement, police began to deluge hoses so powerful into the basement, it pulled bricks from the walls and also rounded countless number of bullets aimed at people; attempting to kill MOVE babies, women and men inside. Inadvertly, one of those shots fired by police, fatally killed Officer Ramp, and nine MOVE members (MOVE 9), were each sentenced to 30-100 years for killing one police officer. After serving their full minimum sentence of thirty years, the MOVE 9 have continually been denied parole and at this present moment, they have seen the parole board for the third time since 2008, unfavorably.

We need to let this year not only mark the 32nd consecutive year of the MOVE 9--Janine, Janet, Debbie, Phil, Mike, Delbert, Chuck and Eddie’s (Sis Merle past away in 1998) incarceration for a crime that they did not commit, but let their mere presence behind enemy walls, stir our continued fight for their release from a racist and unjust penal system that is so threaten in letting them have their freedom that they are hell bent on keeping them confined. We are only one part; the whole of the community has to get involve in bringing the MOVE 9 home. As the revolutionary Che Guevara profoundly stated “Words are beautiful, but action is supreme”.

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